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How do you explain the Bavarian words "Zwickerbusserl" and "Watschn" to an American or Englishman?

Finally, as many Bavarians will say, can be explained to the numerous guests from all over the world, which corresponds in English to a beer-dumpling, pancake-gaze or moose-tree. But even for the locals themselves, the Bavarian-English language and culture guide turns out to be a unique treasure trove with his urbairic word and phrasy good. Like no other work, this represents the state of Bavaria and its inhabitants. The Nachschlagende found therein known, but already almost forgotten Bavarian concepts, gastronomy, history, art history and folklore.

The book is witty, witty and informative at the same time and will often make you smile and laugh.
Thus, the Bairisch-English dictionary is an interesting and helpful reference book for Anglophile Bavarians and English speaking guests from all over the world. But it is also a lovable cultural guide through the country and life of Bavaria - loosened up with many lively and refreshing illustrations by the artist Nina Schneider.


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